Jobs & Projects


Academic Program Director of the Degree Program "Applied Image and Signal Processing" at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.


Mathematics, Informatics, Data Science and Data Mining, Cryptology, please refer to this Homepage.

Selected Research Projects:

  • Realtime detection and tracking of renal stones in ultrasound video streams (cooperation with SALK and SMAG)
  • Natural language processing: topic annotation and sentiment analysis (cooperation with
  • HMModeler: a bioinformatics tool for protein sequence annotation (cooperation with University of Salzburg)
  • Stringent tests for pseudorandom number generators (plab group of Peter Hellekalek, University of Salzburg)


Curriculum Vitae:

Short CV with job history.

Talks and Projects (not up-to-date):

Workshop on Random Number Generators and Highly Uniform Point Sets, Montreal, Canada (17. Juni 2002): "Entropy based Tests for Randomness and Application to Cryptographic Generators"

IT-Region Meeting (25. Nov. 2004): "Vom Spielerruinproblem zu Spielstrategien."

Rotary Club (29. Nov. 2004): "Mehr oder weniger zufällig: Kurzweiliges, Überraschendes und Wissenswertes über Fortuna."

University of Limerick/Ireland (19. Apr. 2005): "Pattern Recognition with Hidden Markov Modells - dynamic programming at its best"

Further publications and talks as well as my scientific CV can be found on the Maths pages.

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