"Beginning to understand enigmas inherent laws:
an intense source for the vision!"



Making music and compositions for me is like playing with different energies: ordered ones and unordered ones; like overcoming the gravity that restrains our thoughts bound to the surface; like rising up and looking out for a dynamic balance in - alike the planets - perpetually changing positions.

Jazz - improvised music - is a setting for exploring the relations between freedom and form, stopping and flowing, silence and sound, harmony and dissonance.

I was taught how to play the piano by my teacher R. Feichtinger and have continued as an autodidact and by visiting many seminars.

This page contains ongoing musical projects and bands, some demos and information for interested ones, for organizers and for sponsors.

Projects and Concert Bands:

  • the RASP
    Vibrant, powerful, passionate. At the RASP Spanish temper, urban extravagance and Austrian vivacity melt into a sound spectrum which inspires and electrifies. The quartet Stefan Wegenkittl, Antonio Brazalez, Peter Fuerhapter and Robert Schoosleitner plays its own jazz with a distinctive sound, charm and joy.
  • Applejack Distillery
    AD made a hot mix out of heavy grooves and free elements. Very adicting destilates inside...
  • Momentum Liberum (under construction)
    A project for finding out more about quiet sounds. Thoughts made audible...

Jazz- and Party Bands:

  • Applejacks Jazz Lounge
    The teams of the RASP and Applejack Distillery are also playing top-level Jazz and Latin standards for you!
Applejack Momentum Off Min.